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Letter 2

_____________ -- you beauteous creatures, you... It's just me. Your mother. Again. The second of many letters to come. (Hooray!) Yes, indeed. Indeeeed! I have often found it challenging to maintain any kind of morning or evening ritual. Whilst I may thoroughly enjoy the idea of them, I've always had my personal blocks to them. (Some of this is most-certainly self-sabotage. Some is not connecting strongly enough to the "why" behind it for me. Some is the story I've told myself so long about how I am just not a routine person unless it's in a dance studio. Some is... Well, you get the picture. This whole "being a human" thing is tricky, yo!) As I connect more deeply with the WHYS behind what I choose to do, it makes the HOWS so much more manageable. As I identify clearly the WHYS behind wanting to do new things that I don't currently have any established habit or pattern around, it makes the HOWS almost fun. And fun is kinda what it's all about, my beloveds! Many people will try to argue this point, but I stand by it firmly, but delicately; steadfastly, but fluidly. (But, that's a whole 'nother topic, for a whole 'nother letter.) I've been establishing physical care things that are important to me -- things like oil pulling, stretching, being more aware and intentional with my food-n-beverage selections (because every single thing you ingest is either helping you or hurting you; there is no neutral here), getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, taking certain natural supplements that allow my body to better do what it's capable of doing for itself rather than popping created-in-a-lab pills that mask symptoms but don't actually address the causes (the specific example I'm thinking of right now is allergies; figuring out adjustments to make to my lifestyle to counteract the symptoms rather than just popping a pill every morning and keeping everything else exactly the same)... And while it might be rough at first adjusting to new habits and saying "late-uhz!" to old ones, I'm finding more and more that the clearer I am in my WHY, the more the HOW just seems to flow. I don't have to force it, but am actually inspired (perhaps even excited!) to carry-out the HOW. How cool is that, my darling angel children?! Pretty darn cool, I must say... I just finished up with what felt like the startings of a nightly routine for myself, and I feel fabulous! I was excited by how simple and obvious the whole thing was, that I came right to the blank page to tell you all about it! I did what was important to me, made no excuses, and was really present with each step of the process. I allowed myself to just take care of myself, and to honor this body of mine and show it some TLC since it does nothing but take care of me day after day... I expressed gratitude for this body and for this life. I reminded myself that I'm worthy of feeling fabulous in my own skin. I beamed when I realized I'm learning how to be an example of this to you. You already inspire me...

Love, Mom

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