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love liberates


It's really very simple: I am love. When I am allowing myself to be my truest most authentic self: I am love. When I am vibing at my most high, operating in my greatest alignment, riding the most glorious waves (literal & otherwise): I am love. When I am taking care of myself first, so as to be able to better show up for others: I am love. When I am dancing with the cosmos: I am love. When I am hearing the call of my intuition...and following it to wherever it may be leading me: I am love. When I am living the life of my dreams: I am love. Love is who I am. All other identity markers, all other experiences, adventures, mis-steps, perceived-in-the-moment-to-be-tragedies...eeeverything (and everyone) else is helping me to find my way back to my truest most un-tame-able and everlasting self: Love.

It's been a wild fuckin' ride to realize this! To accept it. And, then, to embrace it. I am Love.

Maya Angelou was on Oprah's Master Class series when it first began; I have the episode downloaded and play it all the time. A morsel amongst the stream o' magic that Maya offered has stayed with me ever since the first time I heard it: "Love liberates. It doesn't bind." She spoke of how the ego needs to hold, while actual love sets free. This has become a mission for me & my life: to liberate -- both myself, and others. I want to be a source of freedom for our spirit, a contributor of re-connection to our wild, a reminder of the importance (if not necessity) of our authenticity, an example of our love at its truest... because that is me, and I is that! I am love.

I AM love! ...and love liberates.        -- Jen Bishop 5.22.17

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