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I aim to explore multiple dimensions of the human experience by asking questions, offering insights, and inviting various perspectives for consideration & contemplation.

I’m just a chick, standing in front of the Universe, asking it to dance with her. 

 Jen Bishop is on an epic adventure of: 

       -- pondering the cosmos 

       -- creating original pieces of written & visual art

       -- capturing moments of flow-state magic

       -- sharing these explorations with the world

"May we cleanse the poison of repression and write new narratives where violence is not the desperate outcome. May we design more sacred pathways for deep elucidation. May we honor the unique beast inside of us and in the other. May we lock ourselves up less, and grow community more. May we open all the doors to our crazy, perfect dancing." 

-- Jocelyn Edelstein

© 2017 - 2024 by JEN BISHOP

***except for above artwork; artist currently unknown, but I'm on the hunt***

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